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Tim Murray - The CEO Whisperer
Realized His Dream...

"I was able to realize my dream of starting my own leasing company. The business principles I learned from Certus demonstrated to my lending sources that I was more than just a great sales-guy. The plan Certus helped me put together gave me the credibility I have been seeking for years. Tim taught me the value of being able to demonstrate an intimate understanding, communicated in a very simple manner, a single lease transaction. This allowed all parties to understand their role, where the risk was, and how everyone makes money."

- Rob Cail - Founder of Platinum Park Leasing

The CEO Whisperer

You've probably heard of a horse whisperer. A horse whisperer refers to a person with the ability to tame a wild stallion or mare without any physical restraints or pain affliction towards the animal. Horse whisperers are known to date back to the 12th century.

Tim Murray is a CEO Whisperer. His advice is sought by CEO's and Small Business Owners for two main reasons:

  1. He guarantees that his advice is right, or your money back
  2. Odds are he's seen it, done it, fixed it, or made the mistake he's about to help you avoid

Whisperer Experience

Tim has nearly thirty (30) years of leading organizations and people, and managing processes that get results. In those thirty years, he has:

Make the Whisperer Work For You

The CEO Whisperer is an expert in the following areas:

We Guarantee the Results Or Your Money Back

Before you hire the CEO Whisperer, here are some questions to ask yourself (might as well, because Tim will ask before he agrees to work with you as a client):

Here's the tough questions to ask Tim or anyone else you are thinking about paying for their advice: