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About Certus
Increasing Sales...

"Certus provided us with a clear sales process for growing our sales. Using Tim's approach, the same sales people increased sales nearly 400% in the span of a six month period. Tim learned our business quickly, brought in needed resources, and engineered a sustainable and scalable sales platform we will benefit for years to come"

- Larry Ingwerson - Chairman IVDesk

About Certus Advisors

Certus Advisors is a boutique consulting firm that specializes in helping small business owners, and aspiring entrepreneurs with high potential ventures, learn to think the right way. This right thinking will result in a higher probability of securing the needed funding to launch and grow a successful business.

Need Money?

As a business owner, the odds are you pretty much know what needs to be done. Problem? You lack the capital to make the changes needed. For those business owners, Certus can help prepare you and package your business in a way that TODAY's bankers and working capital sources want to see it. Gone are the days where your track record or your handshake was good enough to secure the funding. Is it fair or right? You know the answer to that.

We Solve Tooth-Pain Level Problems!

Business Owners are tough, persistent (some might say stubborn), and smart. But at some point we all face problems that either won't go away, or we need help. Certus specializes in solving business owners' toughest problems. We bring solutions like: