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"I pay for the meal, you pay for my time. I have found this helps both of us focus and take the situation seriously. I offer the only Absolutely Delighted Money Back Guarantee in town. "

- Tim Murray, Certus Advice

Get Advice: Pick Tim's Brain

Everybody wants free advice. Most people believe that if it's free either there's a catch, or can't be worth much. If you know Tim, there's no hidden agenda, and his advice is valuable.

So if you are serious about solving your problem, and you don't want to waste your valuable time or Tim's, call Tim at 651-251-6150 to schedule a 90 minute time slot that works for you.

You will then be asked to make a $200 payment for Tim's time and valuable advice. If you are not Absolutely Delighted by the advice and time spent with Tim, just ask for your money back. It will be returned, no questions asked.